Thing 22: Keeping Up

With my job as webmaster, I try to keep up with new stuff inboth libraries and web.  I subscribe to a number of web editor RSS feeds as well as a number of Library Feeds.  One of my favorite library feeds which I often incorporate info from it onto our site is: The Libraraian’s Internet Index.

As far as learning about new web technology, I recommend both the Web Worker Daily and the Tutorial Blog.  Both can get really technical and are geared for the web worker, not the library worker, but if you want to hear about stuff first or how to do something cool, these are 2 great resources.


This would have been really handy when I was in school. I’m definitely going to be using them for my kids schoolwork stuff. I kind of find it sad though that these need to be used — I know when I worked at the University, Profs complained all the time about the declining level of students & how they had to teach these basic skills.

Research Project Calculator Assignment Calculator

Thing 20: Books 2.0

If you’ve never used Pandora.com — use it.  Its FREE and it’s totally customized to your taste of the moment.  I use it to listen to & come up with ideas for my iPod playlists — also just to fill in holes in my own music collection.  It’s awesome!

Fantastic Fiction.com  — WAY better than any other readers advisory / book sites.  They have teen and adult authors.  Although the site is ulgy, it’s super easy to use and HANDS down (I say that as a acquisitions librarian) has consistently the best, most up to date info.

TeenReads.com is another site I really like, as well as actually using some of the publisher websites themselves.  Honestly, i don’t spend much time going to their sites, rather I subscribe to various feeds they offer — another option, which you could do & save you time!

Web Junction is cool.   I joined a group of library web developers a long time ago, and honestly this group has been a HUGE help to me in not only deciding new web platforms, but working through library web problems.

Ning …. I tried this once for a project and really didn’t like it.  I’m probably still out there since I never deleted myself…. hmmm. Note to self: delete that profile in Ning…. The idea behind it seems cool.  It was probably just me – I just didn’t really get into it and it seemed like too much work for me.

Thing 18: Facebook

Facebook is pretty cool – it’s an easy way to stay in touch with family and friends. My husband actually started using it before me, as he has friends in Europe and Facebook makes it much easier to share pics and stay in contact. I finally started about 6 months ago & also use it more as a way to stay in touch with family and friends, but we’re both pretty picky, so no groups for me.
But try it — its super easy and a great way to share vids, info, and pics with folks….not to mention find those long lost friends!
(Not cool @ Facebook: ex-boyfriends you never wanted to hear from again find you…)

What Break????!!!

This has been SO popular my son is now blogging.  He has set up his own blog, done his first post and added his first movie (Bill Nye the science guy).  Now he’s playing with toondoo and has created his own account and own cartoons.  He’s off and going — oh yeah — He’s 8.  Soooo for all you folks who think this is just for techies or gurus, he’s doing it & even learning lots on his own.  You can do it too!!!!

Thing 17: Podcasting

You can find podcasts everywhere – you can subscribe to them on iTunes so they download automatically or you can even find them in databases now.   The school district here does podcasts and it’s about the only one I listen to on a regular basis to find out what’s going on w/ all the budget cuts in the schools – I think its such a great idea for Dr. Joyner to make them.  Hearing the news makes it more personal than just reading it.